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Licensed and insured moving company with years of experience

We are a licensed and insured moving company founded in 2005. Starting as a small business, we always wanted to keep good communication with our customers, since communication is the key of a successful move. We can offer you a perfect combination of amazing customer support, professional movers and affordable rates. At your service 7 days a week, so feel free to reach out anytime.

How did we start with our business

Like any other furniture movers in Bronx NY, we started small–with just 1 truck and 4 employees. Thanks to the hard work, dedication and passion, we managed to become one of the best movers in Bronx NY. We always listen to our customers and keep to make them satisfied with every part of the moving process. We go above and beyond to meet all of your requirements and to make sure you get what you want!

What is our main goal

Besides staying the best movers and packers in Bronx NY, our main mission is to help our community and put a smile on your face. Moving is a very stressful event in your life and we would like to make it easier for you. Comparing to other cheap moving companies in the Bronx, we are not know by the affordable price. We are known for the communication and relationships with our customers that we cherish. We are grateful that we are a part of your new start and we want to do everything that is in our power to offer you a stress free and smooth local move.

What are we offering

Bronx Moving Company is offering incomparable moving services and satisfaction that is guaranteed. All of our team members are experienced and trained to help you with any moving request you might have. Not only our movers are trained professionals, they are also deeply passionate about their job and that makes them the best movers in the Bronx. They will make sure that everything is packed, protected, secured before the move and they will relocate everything in a timely manner.

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How would the process look like with our best movers in the Bronx

There are several stages of the moving process and a team of professional people is involved in every part of it. We are divided by teams and we can assist you at any point before, during or even after the move is finished. Here is how everything looks like:

The initial contact

You are starting by contacting us and providing us with a few important details regarding your move, such as moving date, size of the move, the zip codes you are moving from and to. As soon as our sales representative has all of the details, he will be ready to provide you with a moving quote.

Receiving a quote

We are not just one of the cheap moving companies in the Bronx that will just inform you about the price and leave it like that. Our dedicated sales representative will inform you about every step of the moving process, they will explain what is included in our hourly rate and start arranging the move with you. You can choose the start time between the morning and afternoon arrival window.

The moving day

On your preferred moving day we will send the best movers in the Bronx to pack your belongings and move them efficiently. They will arrive on time and fully equipped with everything needed-plastic wraps, moving blankets, wardrobe boxes and tools for disassembling and reassembling. They will do the walkthrough and then inform you about the time estimate. They will move everything in no time and without damage!