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10 Reasons To Move To Bronx NY

In the urban jungle such as New York, it is not simple to find a perfect neighborhood for yourself. Today, we are going to show you a hidden gem of New York, one of the world’s best cities in terms of its cultural diversity, nightlife, companies, tourist places. No matter what your aspirations are, moving to New York is going to be perfect for you, because this is the city that has it all! If you want to get the best of life when it comes to career, while having a lot of adventure during – Bronx NY is the neighborhood for you. Before you start searching for moving companies to move you here, let’s tell you something more about the Bronx.

  1. Cost of living

First things first, we are all living within our budget limits, so why wouldn’t you save some money on a rent? Living in Bronx NY is cheaper compared to other neighborhoods, such as Brooklyn and Manhattan. The rent is reasonable and affordable for both, middle class and upper class. You will probably be able to find a little bit bigger apartment than in Manhattan, for the same price.

  1. Beach

Yes, you read it right, the Bronx has its own beach. Don’t think we got mad, we know the Bronx is located on the mainland, but there is Orchard Beach located here and it attracts lots of tourists and residents of the Bronx as well. During the summer, you can see many people having fun playing basketball, volleyball and similar. It also has  a promenade, snack bars and many other activities. Orchard Beach is one of the reasons why people never want to leave the neighborhood. Just imagine, after a long day at work, you can go and chill out on the beach.

  1. Yankee Games

Ok, when we say New York, the first thing you think of is – Yankee! Living in the Bronx gives you easy access to their games because their stadium is located right here. Everyone in New York loves the Yankees and most Bronxites refer to them as theirs. On the other hand, if you are not that crazy over sports, you will love how the neighborhood becomes vivid and alive during championships, and there is no doubt, you will fall in love as well.

  1. Diversity

The Bronx population has a rich cultural mix, with people from different backgrounds and unique lifestyles, so you will just love meeting new cultures and learning new things. There is a healthy mix of blue-collar and white-collar employees and the most popular professions include administrative support, sales and similar professions. Now, when there is a cultural mix of people, there are also great food options. You can find ethnic cuisine consisting of Italian, Mexican, West Indian and similar.

  1. Transportation

If you decide to move to Bronx NY, don’t worry, it is greatly connected and it is easy to navigate through the city without the need to rely on tunnels and bridges. Wherever you want to go, you can get there pretty fast.

  1. Suburbs feel

If you want to live in a busy and vivid New York, but still be able to keep some peace, then the Bronx is just a place for you. The Bronx has a suburban feel, especially the northern part. This will help you find an apartment that is decent-sized and surrounded by greenery. If you are moving to New York with your family, definitely consider the Bronx. It is a fairly quiet neighborhood and not overcrowded.

  1. Flooding risk is minimal

Considering what we went through in 2020, it is completely normal to think of another apokalyps and to be prepared for everything. The Bronx is located at a higher elevation compared to other New York cities and if there is a rise due to global warming, there is lower risk of being flooded.

  1. Food

Now, let’s talk about something more joyful and that is food. Living in the Bronx offers you access to a variety of delicious dishes. Unlike other places in New York, it has a great feeling of a quaint New England fishing town. If you like to explore different food, then the Bronx is the right place for you!

  1. Greenery

Living in a big city such as New York doesn’t have to mean that there is not green space at all. The Bronx is a place where you can access to green areas easily and we all know how healthy that is. When you have some free time, you can relax in one of the parks. Parks have trails for walking, running or jogging. If you are not into sports, you can always relax after a long and stressful day and reflect on whatever is happening to you. The Bronx is home to several New York City’s biggest parks, such as Barretto Point Park, Pelham Bay Park and Van Cortlandt Park. you will find something for yourself.

  1. Attractions

There are a lot of attractions in the Bronx. We already mentioned it’s parks where many people come to enjoy, but there are also major attractions for tourists, such as the Botanical Garden, Poe Cottage and Bronx Zoo. The Bronx is referred as one of the friendliest cities in New York City!

Moving to Bronx NY

After you read everything about the Bronx you should learn more about moving here, so contact your moving help Bronx NY and schedule your relocation here. Explore the area and let us know what you have discovered. We can guarantee you will love your new life chapter started in Bronx NY!

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Should I Move Myself Or Hire Professional Movers?

The moving process comes with a lot of decisions and choices – what neighborhood to choose, which house to buy and which furniture to leave behind. There are many other smaller questions as well, but there is also one that everyone needs to ask themselves and that is whether you should perform a DIY move or hire local furniture movers to help. This decision depends on a moving budget, proximity to your new home, complexity of your local move and your own preferences. Now, let’s see pros and cons you will have with both options. After reading this text we will find the answer to your questions!

  1. Let’s start with the main questions – moving budget!

This is the most important question you will ask yourself, but it is also to give an answer about what is going to be cheaper, moving with a local moving company or moving yourself. You might think this is complete nonsense, because you are not going to pay yourself for moving, but in reality whatever you choose – there will be expenses. First thing you will have to spend money on when moving yourself is a moving truck. There are many rental moving trucks companies advertising their cheap rates in big, splashy numbers and that might seem like a good deal. Unfortunately, that is not everything you have to pay, beside that you will have to fill the truck’s gas tank and usually for the mileage if you are moving locally. Add on that moving insurance, moving dollies, tools needed for handling your belongings and wrapping material… A DIY move is not just picking up your items and transporting them to the new place. On the other hand, hiring local movers already includes all of the mentioned. They will send you moving equipment, movers with a truck, you will have insurance and customer support throughout. Most of the local furniture movers are not even that expensive anymore. Before making a final decision, at least call Bronx NY moving companies to see what rates and services they can offer.

  1. Size of your home

The bigger the home, the more complex your local move will be. If you have a small home it might not be too complicated to move it yourself, but in case it is a big house, it is the best to hire professionals because you will ensure the safety of your belongings.

  1. Time

Aside from the monetary costs, moving on your own requires a lot of time. You should be prepared to invest significant time in order to move everything by yourself, depending on a home size. Trust us, whatever you think – it will last longer. You will have to pack up your home, load everything into the moving truck, take it to another location, unload, rearrange belongings inside of your home… If you don’t have that much time, moving company is your saviour.

  1. Stress

Moving is stressful, no matter if you are hiring professional movers or doing it yourself, it is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Not only because of execution, but planning as well. If you try to do everything on your own, it might easily get overwhelming, so think if you are ready for it. What local moving companies help with is stress-relief. With professional movers you will have your point of contact who will guide you through every phase of your move and help you have a smooth local relocation.

  1. Insurance

One of the main reasons people are hiring furniture movers is moving insurance. If you decide to move on your own, you will have to buy this additionally, if that is even possible since you are not experienced movers. Since it is not possible to perform heavy lifting on your own, you will have to have some friends or family members helping you with this. Just imagine your friend breaking something by accident. You can’t ask them to reimburse you because they were just trying to help. Certainly, you don’t want a broken friendship over a broken vase. That is why it is best to hire professionals to take care of your furniture, because even if something gets damaged, they will start the claim process and find a solution accordingly.

  1. Time organization

Moving with a moving company requires you to fit into their schedule. You will be able to pick the moving date that works for you, but they usually have standard arrival windows where you need to fit your responsibilities. On the other hand, when moving on your own, you can do whatever you want whenever you want, you can organize your schedule how you want it to be.

  1. Heavy lifting

Let’s be real, many people are simply unable to physically carry a couch or bed down or up a flight of stairs. And probably your friends aren’t either. This is the main reason why many people decide to hire professional movers at the end of the day. Not only you won’t have to risk the safety of your belongings, but you won’t risk your own health. Heavy lifting performed by someone who is not professional and experienced might lead to injuries. Some things are just better when you leave them to professionals. Professional movers have experience and skills to safely and efficiently relocate your belongings from point A to point B. At the end of the day, safety of your furniture comes first. Those are all your memories and valuables and you want to keep them! And you won’t have to lift a finger.

  1. Impersonal

You definitely don’t know your movers personally and now you have to let them in your new home and put your valuables to their hands. For someone this might be a bit nerve–racking, to say the least. This is why it is very important to do your homework and do research of local moving companies you are considering. To avoid moving scams and rip-offs make sure to find someone you can trust and who is reputable. If you can’t help yourself and you can’t trust anyone, then you should consider moving on your own. There are many moving companies and the moving industry doesn’t have a good reputation in general, but trust us – there are many reliable moving companies that actually care about you and your possessions.